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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 15, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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we love the irs. really. we don't want them here though. ever. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> if you don't buy health insurance, you go to jail? >> do you think it's fair if somebody says well i'm just not going to have it if i get sick then i will just go to the emergency room and send the bill to you? >> bill: the far left media attacks fox news for reporting accurately about mandatory health insurance. why are nbc news and "time" magazine lying? >> i will disobey my orders to deploy because i deserve the truth about barack obama's constitutional eligibility. >> not obeying orders because he thinks president obama is illegitimate. megyn kelly has been investigating. >> you got to ask yourself one question. do i feel lucky? well, do you, punk?
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you complete me. >> hey, hey, hey. >> bill: do american women prefer macho men or sensitive guy? ♪ i can be your hero, baby. >> bill: the culture warriors will weigh in ♪ you can take my breath away. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another attack on fox news falls flat. once again, once again, nbc news is highlighted dishonest prop began ga ada from the far-left media matters outfit. sadly "time" magazine also participated in the sham. controversy about senator tom coburn's assertion that fox news scared some americans by saying
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they could go to prison if they don't buy health insurance under obama care. on tuesday, here is what i said to the senator. >> we researched to find out if anybody on fox news had ever said you are going to jail if you don't buy health insurance. nobody has ever said it so it seems to me that what you did was you used fox news as a whipping boy when we didn't qualify there. >> bill: now, senator coburn admitted he may have made a mistake. but to be fair the mistake is understandable, last fall when jail time was on the table, fox news reported it as we should have. listen to these sound bites. >> do you think it's appropriate to have a threat of jail time for those who refuse to buy insurance? >> you know, what i think is appropriate is that in the same way that everybody has to get auto insurance and if you don't, you are subject to some penalty. >> i'm just trying to understand, if you don't buy health insurance, you go to jail? you didn't answer my question. >> well, the point, there is, i
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think the legislation is very fair in this respect. >> bill: all right. now as we all know the prison option was taken off the table when the final obama care bill was being debated. and that's what we were talking to senator coburn about, the final bill debate. not all that stuff. so, what i said is absolutely true. nobody at fox news reported inaccurately about the obama care prison situation. nobody. yet, media matters, as they always do distorted the entire situation. shamefully nbc news and "time" magazine lapped up the garbage and put it right out there. now, we expect that from nbc. but "time" magazine? come on. you guys have got to wise up. the importance of this is that you, the every day american, are now being lied to on a regular basis by people working for huge corporations and nothing is being done about it a voter-driven republican -- republic cannot survive if lies supersede the truth. the bottom line on this story is
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senator coburn, again a good man, made an honest mistake. that mistakes was picked up by nbc news to ham are fox news which is kicking their butt all over the place in the cable news ratings. the good news is nbc news will soon be taken over by comcast, an honest corporation and perhaps changes will be made. the american people deserve an honest government and an honest media. do we not? that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, another big tea party rally today this time in washington where thousands showed up to vent their frustrations over the policies of president obama. yesterday, 5,000 tea party people protested in boston harbor, the site of the original tea party, 1773. again, it was disenchantment with the obama administration that drove the people to come out. now the tea party says it is targeting some politicians for defeat next november. with us, fox news analyst and radio talk show star laura ingraham is following that okay. so, some big names here, right? barbara boxer in california is being targeted by the tea party.
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>> barbara boxer right now is only up, bill, 3 points against tom campbell, okay? former congressman campbell, very popular in the state but not a lot of name recognition nationally. chuck devore, another figure, state assembly man, is he running in the republican primary, also maybe a 2 or 3 point split. carlie fee or fiorina. same thing. -- looks bad right now. looks bad. >> bill: the big dog is harry reid the senate majority leader in nevada the tea party people are targeting him. >> interesting last saturday he appeared at a really big immigration rally in nevada. he had tens of thousands of people from a lot of far left groups who were supporting him because they think he is going to support amnesty. is he trying to push back. is he down, bill, 20 plus points in the polls. basically mahmoud ahmadinejad would have a better chance of winning a re-election.
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lowden runs tarkanian's son is running. >> bill: former basketball coach. >> exactly. >> bill: i think he is done. >> is he so done. he knows it is he playing a fight. is he fighting a little bit with the immigration issue. >> bill: arkansas another democrat that is done blanche lincoln. i think she will probably lose. so that's two, possibly three big democratic senators. now what about specter in pennsylvania? this one is going to be tight. >> spector in the end, people don't like a turn coat. he made the big deal about switching parties and voted for the stimulus bill along with the two main senators. people are still mad about the stimulus bill, bill. they are mad about health care. they are still mad about stimulus. >> bill: you think is he going to lose. >> pat toomey. big name recognition. is he a hard-charging but very substantive fiscal conservative. too many my wanted to run last time and they chose specter
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instead of toomey in that primary. >> bill: targeting our guy barney frank. this is impossible. i know this district very well. they would vote for ahmadinejad there i do believe. >> a good friend of mine is my roommate at dartmouth knows all the big players rumor has it he isn't 100% he isn't going to run. >> that's what he is saying because he feels there is push back. there is a guy who is a student at the wharton school in pennsylvania who -- harvard masters degree. marine reservist. he is actually running. who knows, all i can say is, bill, this year anything can happen. is it likely, probably not. >> bill: he will run just to annoy me. >> just to get back on the show. and he loves me too, so. >> bill: you might know this but miss laura has two adopted children for from overseas, correct. >> yes. >> guatemala and russia. >> yes. >> bill: we have this where the
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russian government has stopped all adoptions to americans. because the tennessee mother who sent -- laura and her russian baby. >> at red square there. >> bill: what do you think about this story. >> some confusion whether the adoptions have actually been suspended. one russian official says yes. the ministry of education which you have to go through when you adopt in russia says we haven't heard that yet. state department says we haven't gotten final word. what we know there is enormous amount of pressure inside of russia to get more accountability in the united states. and they have you know, they have tracked a couple of cases where russian kids have died in the hands of their adoptive parents, one left in a car northern virginia child left in a car died. huge issue. >> bill: isn't it hard to adopt in russia? >> that's the point. thousands of people have adopted since 1991, bill. 99.9% of the kids are doing fabulously well. parents are so happy. this is a horrible case this woman in tennessee put an american citizen. that boy is an american citizen on a one-way plane back to
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moscow. why she hasn't been questioned by authorities. >> bill: she has. she may be charged. >> she better be charged. that kid is an american citizen. his civil rights may have been violated. >> bill: she claims he has fetal alcohol syndrome. >> there is a problem with that there is a mechanism for dealing with that if she really couldn't deal with the child, she actually could have escorted him -- there are ways to -- this is putting thousands of children's lives in jeopardy. and let me tell you, these parents who are now in the middle of an adoption process, bill, it's heart-breaking. i hope this can get resolved. because these kids need a great home. >> bill: finally, miss laura hangs out with a zell crowd. >> no i don't. i never go out at all. once in a while. >> bill: throw that picture up there. right now. >> stop it. >> bill: look at this. you are not hanging out with a swell crowd? look at the pocket hankie. >> first of all. >> bill: yes. >> he was standing in the doorway of george wills' house. >> bill: george will. another swell. >> they invited you. they said you didn't show up.
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>> bill: they didn't invite me. they never. >> we i went up to him and he grabbed me by the shoulder and said you are my favorite. >> i said favorite among whom? >> he is like a back slapping kind of guy. i just was laughing so hard. >> bill: you posed for a picture with joe biden. >> absolutely i have a facebook page to maintain. facebook, twitter. >> he loves you? >> you are the number one fav i'm a close second. that's the sense i got. it was just a sense about the whole ora. >> bill: i would love to have him on the program. >> bill, i kept saying too bad is he not really well informed, really competent and a conservative because is he a really fun guy. >> bill: joe biden? >> yeah. he does. is he self-deprecating. i like that. >> bill: all right, mr. vice president, you have it. you are on notice. arizona may pass a very strict anti-american law. we will tell you all about it new study on what kind of men
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stop and question any suspicious person and take them into custody if they couldn't prove citizenship. also a judge could fine an entire city if the new arizona law is not enforced vigorous enough. joining us from phoenix editor of a web site that focuses on immigration issues. now, obviously, you know, racial profiling is going to be the big thing in this arizona law, which i believe is going to pass. i think you know that, too. it's already passed the house, the governor is going to sign it. so the arizona cops, as they have in mayor cove have -- maria county already. hey, prove you are america. you say what? >> well, what i wouldn't do is ball federal immigration policy. it gives to arizona a specific way of applying immigration policy different than any other state inviting every other state
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to have its own policy. >> bill: no doubt it will be challenged on that basis that federal law supersedes. >> it will. it will also be challenged on the basis this is a civil libertarian's nightmare. it's going to require -- the only way to discharge reasonable suspicion is for every arizonaen to walk around with a state i.d. i mean, it requires a certain level of i.d. in order to be able to walk around freely. >> bill: stops you on a traffic thing and says license and registration you are required to show it so i'm not so worried about that i do understand. >> well, you are not worried about that if you are driving. you are not worried about that if you are driving. >> bill: i got it. >> walking the dog on sunday morning, you don't reasonably expect to carry your papers when you do that, do you, bill? >> bill: walking the dog you can say i live over there, officer, i will walk home and show you. but it's the skin color thing that's going to really raise the ire because they are going to be looking for latin looking people. >> that's right. >> bill: that's what illegal immigration is all about in
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arizona. however, you have a half million illegal aliens in the state costing 1.3 billion, arizona doesn't have any money. they have to do something and the arizonaen legislature says the federal government is not protecting us and hasn't been protecting us, so we have to do this. and you answer? >> the answer is you don't throw out civil liberties because you have a major issue a major federal issue and you don't value -- ball con nice the united states of america because you have a crises. >> bill: what would you do if you were the governor to stem the illegal immigration. >> if you are the governor of arizona, or the governor of other border states, you have to seriously question congress and question the obama administration and the prior administration because of their lack of inaction and you have to begin to take steps to deal with this issue. >> bill: give me specifics. you are giving me theory now. come on, have you been around a long time. you are giving me theory.
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come on,. >> i'm not giving you theory. >> bill: we need help but the states have been doing that for decades and they are not getting help. tell me, if you are the governor of arizona, what you do to bring this problem down. what do you do specifically? >> you can't say that. >> jon kyl is the number two guy in the united states senate, bill on the republican side. john mccain was the candidate for president of the united states. on the republican side. and you are telling me can do nothing in this instance. >> bill: two decades has not been able to do this since ronald reagan. >> i agree with that but you are asking me what i would do. i would be confronting those people. i would be -- you might say that bill. >> bill: by kicking it back to the feds, you are not going to solve the problem. >> this governor is doing -- and then what you would you do -- the constitution allows immigration policy federal
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government for a very, very good reason. we should not have each state having its own policy on immigration. we would all move to wyoming, bill and have open policy if that were the case. the fact of the matter is, there has to be a single, rational, thoughtful way of dealing with this issue. >> bill: i think there will be a new federal proposal coming out very, very shortly. thanks very much. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, sir. >> bill: directly ahead the kelly file, army colonel refuses to obey orders because he doesn't think president obama is legitimate. a divorced catholic father can take his daughter to church. miss megyn is next. [ male announcer ] whose idea was this?
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>> bill: kelly file segment tonight, two military controversies, first army lt. colonel terry laken is
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refusing to obey orders until he sees president obama's birth certificate. >> i will disobey my orders to deploy because i and i believe all servicemen and women and the american people deserve the truth about president obama's constitutional eligibility to the office of the presidency and the commander and chief. if he is nebility then my orders and indeed all orders are illegal. >> bill: the army is not thrilled about that movement against colonel laken. here now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly see it each day at 1:00 p.m. he is a bronze star winner. medical doctor, very smart guy. but you can't have the army, the marines, the navy, anybody saying you know i will obey the orders i like and i will do this, that. you just can't have it. >> you can't. that's why he will face a court martial and probably succeed against him. you know, if he had legitimate objections, there is a way of managing that. you can try to file a legal proceeding as others have. putting aside the merits of that, that would be played out
8:23 pm
in the courts as it is supposed to. but you can't just say i refuse to obey orders until my objections to your status. >> bill: why doesn't he just resign? that is my question. the army doesn't keep new there if you don't want to be in there. just resign. i think this guy is obviously trying to make a political point. but the birther movement has been, you know, just hasn't gotten any traction. it really hasn't. >> right. you know, none the less, is he a true believer. interestingly, did he not go with a lawyer who has brought the other objections on behalf of other birthers who are in the army, he went with somebody else. i don't know that he is necessarily a formally affiliated with the group as opposed to having his own i want objections. >> bill: he wants to make a point, there is nothing wrong with that we have to tell everybody that, look, the military is there not to be political. it's to follow orders. and if there is a demonstrable problem with the president, we have a process to handle that. >> right. >> bill: i want to ask you a question. >> it's the same thing bill under president bush people didn't want to go to war because they said he was illegitimate president and it was illegitimate war. that wasn't allowed them and it shouldn't be allowed now.
8:24 pm
>> bill: do you know how we proved that president obama was born in the united states? >> you here at the factor? >> bill: yes. you missed that. >> i heard you report on it. >> bill: we got the birth announcements in onchts 1961. >> at the appeared in the paper. >> two honolulu newspapers. now, that's impossible. you would have to know -- we are going to fake barack obama's birth because some day he is going to be president. newspapers only when you call them and you tell them, hey, the baby is born. >> guess what we have a little baby. >> baby jesus here. >> maybe there were two barack obamas born in honolulu in 1961. >> bill: there is the birth announcement. he is born in the united states. that's impossible. you can't fake that. >> not only that but the hawaii state officials who have seen the actual birth certificate have come out and said we have seen it. >> bill: i didn't even rely on that. >> i'm just saying. >> bill: relied on something that you can't say. >> none the less, these birthers -- >> bill: now. >> they believe it.
8:25 pm
>> bill: in another controversy, the marines -- marine on facebook who is in trouble. what did this marine do? tell me. >> he went on the facebook and created this book called armed forces tea party patriots. >> bill: armed forces tea party patriots so is he a tea party. >> right. he likes what the tea party stands for. he was going to go on another network to talk about his group and i guess the controversy surrounding surrounding this facebook page. the military called him. in he is only 24 years old and said you might want to refresh yourself with the department of defense. >> bill: the military didn't want him out on cable twinchts they didn't go if a that are. you might want to refresh yourself. he abandoned the facebook page and abandoned the interview. >> bill: even though you are targeting the marines. you do have a right to have a political opinion on your own side. if you want to say it, you can say it? >> they are right. i have to tell you the department of defense directive is really restrictive. in essence it says you cannot participate in any partisan debates whatsoever. even if you are not wearing your uniform. that's ridiculous that would stop two servicemen from sitting over lunch and debating, you
8:26 pm
know, politics or the next presidential election. >> bill: this is in what now. >> the department of defense directive basically sets forth what they can and cannot do. some of it is legit. you can't in your uniform like stand up at a rally and say vote for barack obama or vote for john mccain because they don't want people thinking the u.s. military is going to do something to them if they don't do what they say. that's legit. you don't have full speech rights when you go into the military. they can curtail some things. >> bill: while you are in uniform. >> not near as broad as they have purported to in my view. >> bill: if this sergeant wanted to take it to the limit, he would win probably. >> the aclu have a right here. >> bill: i don't think this guy is going to push it? >>. no he has already abandoned it. >> bill: i don't think he like the other guy. the other guy wants to get thrown out. >> too bad for him he does have a point to make shear. he is allowed to say what he wants to say. >> bill: are you telling this 24-year-old guy to go up against the army and defense department. >> maybe pushing back a little. >> bill: i wouldn't. i think that's bad advice. >> what right do they have to come and tell him, suggest
8:27 pm
strongly that he take down facebook page. that's none of their business. >> unless he wants to make this life cause, his career is better served saying all right. >> why. he is a soldier. is he used to standing up. >> bill: if you are watching, kelly is giving you one advice, i'm giving you another. i respect you either way. >> our soldiers protect our constitutional rights all the time. is he marine and that's what he should do. >> bill: i'm going to hold kelly over. accusations against a teacher in massachusetts that she says have ruined her life. this is an amazing story. the culture warriors on what kind of american men women prefer. tough guys or sweet guys like me? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at.
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>> bill: continuing with the kelly file, terrible story out of mass nasa. 30-year-old middle school teacher charged with sexual assault and statutory rape on 13-year-old boy. the alleged incident took place 7 years ago. the charges were filed in 2007. earlier this month the charges were dropped and she says the ordeal has ruined her life. here once again, megyn kelly. the strength of this case is what i'm interested in. this is a mother of five. >> um-huh. >> bill: okay. wiped out their money, cost more than 100,000 to defend it. >> right. >> bill: now they drop the charges. she says her life is ruined. family is ruined. everything is ruined. where do you come down on it? >> well, it's tough to say because there wasn't a lot of evidence against her apart from the testimony of the boy. who was 13 years old when the
8:31 pm
alleged abuse started. she took him in. he was her student. she took him in as a foster child. and according to him, they had a relationship, a sexual relationship that lasted 16 months. he then, according to the authorities, complained or told an older adult about it. that adult said this is abuse and needs to be reported. he then did. and according to the prosecutors, he told the same story repeatedly to everyone, to the grand jury, to the prosecutor, to the official. >> bill: on the other side, they were able to come up with that the boy had some problems. >> right. >> bill: all right? >> he threatened his biological parents and apparently threatened her as well. which you might expect if there was abuse happening. that wouldn't be totally un -- >> bill: that preceded the abuse charges that the boy was a problematic child which is why he had to be supervised in the first place. >> put in foster care. >> bill: nobody was there nobody knows what happened. but it seems to me in cases like, this when this family and you mention the five children,
8:32 pm
the woman has five children, can be destroyed. it's a very tough thing. >> the prosecutors were quick to point out that she had another incident where she was alleged to have had a relationship with a high schooler after he graduated. they say she grooms -- their allegation was she takes these young boys and grooms them. >> bill: could they prove that. >> that one was out in the open. but the kid was -- no longer a minor when they had the affair. that's what the prosecutors claim they did. she admitted that. they say. >> bill: do the prosecutors feel badly about this case. >> no the prosecutors say she did it the only reason they can't go forward with it they can no longer find the victim. he was 20 when it started. is he gone. doesn't want to take a stabbed. i don't know. i don't know what the truth is. >> bill: the whole thing is horrible no matter how it went down: this is fascinating case. the divorce and mother is jewish and the father converted to judaism when he was originally catholic. then, when they split, the father wants to take little girl
8:33 pm
to church, to catholic church. >> bill: the mother went to family court and to prevent that. i debated this situation. i believe i said. i could be wrong because we do so many of them. that the father was going to win. because you can't deny a legitimate parent the right to take their child to any kind of house of worship. that's exactly what happened. another judge overturned -- >> your statement of law is accurate. you have a constitutional right to expose your child to your religion. >> bill: whatever prenups you make. >> generally you have that right. i have to say when you first read this case you feel very empathetic toward him then you read i don't know. he was giving her jazz. they agreed she was going to be jewish. after the divorce he converts back to christianity and he has her baptized and he sends his wife, his ex-wife pictures of the baptism. she says he was basically just pimping me. and that's when the judge
8:34 pm
stepped in and said all right, i'm going to give injunction say nothing more of that no more mr. reyes taking the kid to the church. >> bill: that is outrageous. >> you are not allowed to do that he is a allowed to expose the girl to christianity if he wants to. >> bill: you are the father of the child. you can take the child to whatever church you want. it's not harmful to do that. >> the only reason the judge had done that because he had been acting out. >> bill: that isn't the judge's job he isn't a nanny. >> find it in the best interest of the child. he was using the child as a prop to irritate the mother. >> bill: that's probably true. i'm not denying that the judge says you can ache take the child to church but you can't have any interaction with the mother about it you can't send any pictures. >> you know what he also did was called the press when he was going to bring the child to church. called everybody come film it while i take him to the church there is a pattern of this guy misbehaving. >> bill: can you slap that action down. >> agreed.
8:35 pm
bill buy you are agreeing. you told me i didn't know anything about the law about the westboro baptist church that. >> was true. >> bill: now i'm perry mason. how did that happen? >> i stowed many people you are the best lawyer who is not really a lawyer i know. >> bill: you know, i'm smarter than that, as i said to you law school melted your brain. i still have objective and common sense. >> okay. >> bill: i didn't have it beaten out of me. what is it albany state law school. >> lisbon. no such thing as albany. we see it clearly because we don't have all the ivy in our eyes. >> bill: that's me. mr. i'vey. megyn kelly when we come right back, the most controversial story of the evening, perhaps of the year. what kind of men do american women want? the culture warriors have been investigating moments away.
8:36 pm
8:37 pm
a >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the culture warrior segment tonight. new study out of the university
8:38 pm
of aberdeen in scotland tries to pinpoint what women want when it comes to men. they examine 4500 women's preferences in 30 different countries and concluded that women who live in countries with poor health care like brazil prefer macho men. guys who strut their manhood but women who live in healthy countries like sweden want sensitive guys think tom cruise and jerry maguire. in america where our health standards are fairly low most women like masculine guys according to the study. here now are gretchen carlson and fox news analyst margaret hoover. i have my theory. i will keep my big mouth shut until after we hear from you. what is the study from the scottish, tell us. >> look, americans are less healthy? i think what's interesting is that it tells us that testosterone is actually not rewarded. >> bill: in some countries. >> in the united states especially.
8:39 pm
>> bill: they like macho men in the united states because we don't have the healthcare system. they are able to quantity phi that men with higher levels of testosterone are 43% more likely to cheat on wives. more likely to end their marriage in divorce. fight and pick on people. >> bill: why do women like macho men? >> american women only slightly -- >> bill: it's still a majority. >> i don't believe this study first of all. >> bill: you don't believe it 4500 women worldwide. carlson doesn't believe it. >> listen, i'm a deep person. >> bill: you are deep? what does that mean you? are deep? >> i overanalyze everything. but i spend about 3 hours reading this stid study today because i couldn't get it you are linking women's masculinity preference based on the health care that they have in their own country. >> bill: do you want to hear my theory? >> what. >> bill: okay. in countries where you are physically not secure, women go for the warrior protecter.
8:40 pm
in countries where you are physically secure, where you have access to everything that can make -- they don't need the warrior. >> are you saying we don't have the health care in this country? >> bill: look. this is the scotts, they put forth this. >> that's the faces. you are not getting a chance to see the whole hunk. >> bill: hunk of what? >> i mean for women to. >> bill: hunk of burning love as elvis once said. >> for a woman to make a choice. >> these guys both look feminine to me. come on. is that the best we can do? put the camera on me then. all right? we don't need these guys. what's the matter with you hoover? >> i would like to see you with facial hair. >> bill: tattoo of a volkswagen on my back. >> oh wow! >> bill: you don't believe this study and couldn't care less about it. okay. here we go. now, carlson, there is a lawsuit filed by a mother or -- no, the
8:41 pm
son suing a mother for messing with a facebook page. explain that to us. >> all right. we don't all the details yet down in arkansas this mother currently not raising her own son, a grandmother is raising her son. >> there is the mom. >> she lost her parental rights she had altercation can 16-year-old. then logged into his facebook account impersonating him. and wrote things as if she were the son. she has now been charged. >> bill: bad things. >> harassment. >> bill: like what. >> we don't know. they say they are personal details. >> bill: the mother impersonating her son got into the facebook and embarrassed him on the net. now the son is suing the mother? >> no. the son really does not want the charges to go through now because he has been put through humiliation through all the media attention on this. >> bill: i understand that he is 16. >> the mother says she is the victim in this case because she does not have the parental rights to monitor her son's facebook account. >> bill: because the grandmother is the one in charge.
8:42 pm
go ahead. >> but responsible parents need to be able to monitor their kids' behavior online. 16-year-olds should not be suing their parents. you should be respecting their parents. this culture of will he -- >> bill: this is a chaotic family. whenever you have a mother losing custody of the boy there is a reason for that elderly woman a grandmother raising the boy. the boy is obviously on the net doing stuff. the mother does something very immature to get back at the boy. with this internet stuff it makes me queezy. the whole thing makes me queazy. all right, now, hoover. you are a conservative woman. correct? >> yes. >> bill: but you do support gay marriage. >> i support gay marriage. >> bill: we were all surprised here when the gay marriage referendum isn't gonna get on the california ballot in november because they couldn't get enough signatures. >> thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you why that happened. basically what happened all the gay rights folks decided that 2012 is going to be a better year for them to vote to have
8:43 pm
this on the ballot in california. >> bill: they did this on purpose? >> they didn't actually -- marshal all of their energy and financial. >> bill: think they would get their butt kicked this year. >> they actually decided -- the majority of them decided not to put it on the ballot this year. there was this one off shoot group that decided to go ahead and try. they didn't have the organization or resources. >> bill: so the gay lobby in california. >> not gay lobby everybody who supports marriage equality by the way. >> bill: there is going to be a surge of conservative voters, republican voters. >> 2010 isn't going to be a good year for them. >> i see that they needed 694,000 signatures. to me i'm stunned they didn't get 694,000. >> bill: stand on the streets of san francisco and get that many. >> the message we have been led to believe in this society is that everyone wants this. so that's why i'm stunned. >> bill: i'm surprised too they didn't get it? >> you guys, you shouldn't be because any time you have to get 697,000 signatures, it takes a huge amount of coordination, huge amount of energy.
8:44 pm
>> this is a huge deal they want passed. >> they didn't marshal their resources. >> let's see if they get it in 012. >> the latest polls in california say for the first time 50% of california voters favor same sex marriage. 45% oppose it this is not. >> bill: it's in the courts now. >> federal court and we are waiting for a final argument. actually. >> bill: it pains me. >> it pains me, bill. >> bill: this might not be the year to put it on. however, we were all surprised they didn't get that many signatures in the state of california, the nation's largest state. >> you shouldn't read into it the latest california polls on same sex marriage. >> bill: real quick, macho or sensitive. >> sensitive. >> macho. >> bill: oh, carlson. what are you hanging around with doocy and kilmeade for? >> oh! >> bill: can we cut that out? is it too late? thank you. in a moment, the great american news quiz, sarah palin and al gore under fire and ronald mcdonald. all in the quiz next.
8:45 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight great american news quiz starring martha maccallum you see her at 9:00 in the morning with that guy hemmer. and fox news business correspondent cheryl casone in for steve doocy who is doing god knows what. cheryl is representing bernadine of illinois. now, if you would like to win nifty prizes sign up on bill o' casone, are you ready for this? >> i'm in for steve. i'm a little nervous. i think he is not hear because you did something with him. >> double secret probation.
8:49 pm
>> bill: factor producer jesse waters recently caught one al gore after 11 years of us trying to get him on the show. here is how it went down. >> mr. vice president. >> i don't like ambush journalism. >> yeah, why won't you come on the show? come on, it will be fun. there is two sides to this story. >> well, i will consider it. >> you will consider it? >> sure. >> all right. great. so, you know, while we have you here. >> you don't have me here. i'm not doing an interview right now. >> what's your reaction to the fact that the arctic ice is actually increasing. >> i'm not doing an interview right now. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. we're not going to laugh. what was al gore's job before he became vice president? he was a senator. that was easy. we did it for casone. just to get you broken in. >> i love everyone dodging around in that video. >> i won the last time i was here. >> bill: all right. here is question number two, consumer group is aannounced efforts to retire ronald
8:50 pm
mcdonald who has appeared in tv commercials since 1963. >> ronald. >> hi. >> we're ready for dinner at mcdonald's like you promised. >> but it's not dinner time yet. >> but we can't wait for those cheeseburgers, milk shakes. >> maybe can i hurry things along. [phone ringing] >> i'll get it. yellow? >> can you help me make dinner time sooner? >> bill: we love ronald manageable donald, don't we? who first portrayed the hamburger outfits iconic clown which is ronald mcdonald? >> bill: cards up. the answer is, c, willard scott. >> really? >> bill: yes. >> the things you learn on this show. >> bill: that's right. that is why we watch. >> i did not know that. >> bill: three questions to go. mitt romney won the straw poll last weekend at the conference
8:51 pm
in new orleans. a few days later he came on the factor. >> no one believes that he is actually going to reduce health care costs in america. >> bill: nancy pelosi believes it. >> no. she doesn't believe it. she says it. >> bill: she is a liar. >> no one believes that the taxes are going to go down. no one believes that the budget is going to get balanced with health care plan. a huge entitlement which is the federal government taking power away from the states. we solved the problem at the state level. we did it without raising taxes. that's the key. >> bill: okay. now, mitt romney's father george was well known for being what? >> bill: a, governor of michigan. oh, you both should have known that. >> he was governor. he was also head of motors though. >> bill: are you debating the news quiz validity. >> actually, yes. head of a car company and also governor of michigan. >> bill: ever seen in early james bond where they had a
8:52 pm
button and your chair disappears. >> yeah. that can happen? this is very low tech. i don't think there is a button in my chair. >> can we phone a friend at this point? >> bill: you have no friends, casone. you are here. everybody hates you. anybody associated with me has no friends. all right. tina fey brought back sarah palin impersonation for last weekend's snl. >> ever since i won the silver medal in last year's vice presidential election, i made it my goal to connect with as many people of this great nation as possible. regular folks from the hockey moms to the protesters dressed like paul revere who are so overweight they picket from folding chairs. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. according to a report by abc news, how much money has sarah palin earned since she quit as governor of alaska? >> going for broke.
8:53 pm
>> bill: and the answer is b. 12 million bucks. >> how about b, 12? >> bill: it's tied; is that correct? it's tied. all right. american motors that the guy was ahead of. >> amc. >> bill: real fast. sarah palin spoke this week at a tea party rally in boston. >> is this what their change is all about? i want to tell them na, you know, we'll keep clinging to our constitution and our guns and religion and you can keep the change. >> bill: clinging at the original boston tea party in 1773 what were some of the participants disguised as? >> bill: the answer is mohawk indians scores for mccallum. casone got one right out of five. >> i'm shocked i got even one right at this point.
8:54 pm
>> bill: you are representing steve. i don't know. >> what have you done with steve doocy? >> bill: the guy from lansing, kansas, he wins, right? >> all right. >> congratulations. >> bill: your lady bernadine gets prizes too. >> that's the way it works. >> bill: fox entertainment goes after sarah palin once again. how could they? p and p up next. you could end up taking 4 times the number of pills... compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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bill as you mayç know our colleague fox news pentagon correspondent jennifer griffin has been fighting the good fight against breast cancer. we have good news jennifer is officially cancer-free after meeting her ordeal head off on and persevereing, which is the key to life. she a brave woman and patriot. on the pinhead front, ironic, fox broadcasting one of the biggest critics of
8:57 pm
conservative politicians. >> i misjudged you. you may be two stupidest teams i've encountered and that isç saying something. i once taught -- bill: i like that glee program but the line was unnecessary and it was written by a pinhead. finally, with mother's day on the horizon we are promoting a great package of gifts from mom. all the proceeds i get goes to charity our patriot mom line is selling fast. great shirts, travel mug, coffee mug. moms gonna like 'em. buy aç personalized copy of fresh we'll send you lis wiehl's new book a thriller where i get killed and two great tote bags as our gifts to your mom that's a fabulous deal. the mail. george: bill, miller said he does not
8:58 pm
believe in global warming and you didn't say a word. do you agree with him? this is boring george! i've made my position on warming clear so many times i'm tiredded of hearing it. i want a cleaner planet i'm leaving the warming stuff to the deity.ç jim: i feel you and miller glossed over the veteran clean energy commercial. cap and trade is one of the worst ways to reduce depend dependence on foreign oil. the discussion was about left wing veterans and their point of view in a commercial. we didn't care about cap and trade there. mark: bill, you're right and quinn is wrong president obama loves personal power but hates military power. fred: bill, you're wrong president obama is not questioning our power he's are drawn into many conflicts. i don't disagree. i'm wondering how comfortable a president is wielding power
8:59 pm
again the bad guys just wondering. mike: i was touched by your tribute to your grandfather. i'm not surprised he was a police officer. folks runs in your family. i appreciate that caroline. thanks for expanding my vocabulary. how do you select the words of the day? there is the foxç news website, different from bill o' e-mail us with pithy comments. name a town if you wish to opine. the word of the day when writing the factor no caterwauling. we will continue on bill o' i am bill o'reilly we hope to see youxld again next time.


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